Fully-automatic plastic strapping machine

Technical data for model PM100

Suitable strapping qualities: Polyester (PET)
Strapping dimensions: widths thicknesses 13.0 – 32.0 mm 0.40 – 1.53 mm
Average seal strength: up to 85% of strap breaking strength (dependent on quality)
Sealing method: friction welding
Strapping heads*: MH600 MH610
Tension: up to 7000N, adjustable up to 7000N, adjustable
Tensioning speed: 105 mm/s / 0.34 ft/s 105 mm/s / 0.34 ft/s
Feeding and retracting speed: 5.3 m/s / 17.3 ft/s 5.3 m/s / 17.3 ft/s
Power:  400 V – 3PE – 50 Hz 230 V – 3PE – 60 Hz 400 V – 3PE – 50 Hz 230 V – 3PE – 60 Hz
Power consumption: 1.1 kW 1.1 kW
Max. package size: W 3000 x H 3000 mm
Min. package size: W 150 x H 180 mm

* Additional heads (heat welding) are available on request


- Fully automatic machines reduce the total strapping time substantially compared to manual operations
- Under normal circumstances labour work is completely eliminated
- The rugged fully automatic machines have been designed for continuous and shift operations demanding a high working reliability
- A very wide variety of different fully automatic machines meeting the requirements of all major industries including a broad range of options are available
- Customer friendly control system; keyboard and display show all information and messages in the language required by the customer
- Every fully automatic machine is built for the specific requirements of the customer
- After sales service is guaranteed by our FROMM subsidiaries and distributors

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